Is your accountant vital to you?

The answer to that is it depends!

Are they an old school “traditional” type of accountant who focusses on just providing core compliance services such as year end accounts, tax returns, payroll etc?

These accountants very often take on any client large or small and work with a high volume of businesses trying to be all things to all people.

They are overworked and are slow to embrace new technology that would ultimately make their own, and their client’s, lives easier. They will lag behind the types of services they offer because they are sucked into doing compliance work all the time.

In short, the services they offer provide little, if any, value to the business owner. As a result they are replaceable and very unlikely to be seen as vital.

Contrast this with the vital accountant.

That animal is very different. They will be deeply involved with the business as a whole, constantly striving to make a difference for their clients.

They will understand their client and their goals and work closely with them to achieve those.

They will keep up to date with technology and only work with businesses their skills are best suited to.


Which type of professional advisor would you like to work with?

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A message from our founder

We are pretty sure you didn’t go into business to fiddle about with payroll, bookkeeping, VAT returns and HMRC forms.

Let’s face it. Running your own business can be difficult enough at the best of times and there’s one thing for sure – it isn’t getting any easier! You’re trying to keep so many plates spinning and juggling so many balls all the time to keep customers, staff, stakeholders and the bank happy. But who keeps you happy? You’ve got suppliers to pay, VAT, and all sorts of other taxes too.

You are looking for more profit and more return for all your hard efforts for you and your family.

Is now the time for you to get some more help? A plan? More controls? A different approach? Do you want things to happen better or faster?

If you can relate to even some of this this then maybe you need to make a call?

To show you we mean business I can visit you, at your convenience and without cost or obligation, at your business or home to develop a plan of action. You will know exactly what you will pay with us and there will be no hidden costs. Guaranteed.

What’s the worst case scenario?

Only that you will have some more ideas to take away.

But it could be the best call you ever make.

Jeff Wingham

Jeff Wingham studied at Dundee College of Technology (now The University of Abertay) gaining a BA in Accounting with commendation and was also a prizewinner in his penultimate and final years of his degree.


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